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5 Simple Tips for Preparing Your Car for Extreme Heat
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Extreme heat can take a real toll on your car. High temperatures put extra strain on your engine, tires, and other components. Without proper care, your vehicle may overheat or even break down when the mercury rises. Follow these 5 simple tips to make sure your car is ready for extreme heat:

1.  Check the cooling system. Make sure the radiator, hoses, and cooling fans are all in good working order. Flush and refill the cooling system with fresh coolant if needed. Coolant should be a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water for maximum effectiveness.

2.  Inspect the belts and hoses. Look for signs of wear, cracks, or looseness. Replace any suspect belts or hoses before temperatures get extreme. Good belts and hoses ensure the cooling system runs properly.

3.  Get an oil change. Switch to lighter weight oil for the summer, such as a 5W-30. Lighter oil flows better to lubricate and cool engine parts in heat.

4.  Check tire pressure. Under-inflated tires get hotter at high speeds. Ensure tires are filled to the recommended PSI rating on the sidewall or owner's manual. Properly inflated tires last longer and help prevent blowouts.

5.  Tint the windows. Aftermarket window tinting blocks sunlight and keeps the interior cooler. Legal limits vary, so check local regulations on allowable tint darkness. A 50% tint is ideal for adequate heat reduction without excessively reducing visibility.

Taking a few simple preparation steps can go a long way in protecting your car from extreme summer heat. With fresh fluids, robust components, and tinted windows, your vehicle will stay cool despite rising temperatures. Don't take any chances - get your car summer ready before the heat is on.

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