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Cruising the Mile of Cars and Finding Your Dream Machine
Car Buying

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The Mile of Cars in National City is a legendary stretch of automobile dealerships along the 805 freeway. With over 18 auto dealers clustered together, it's a sight to see - literally a mile packed bumper to bumper with nothing but new cars! If you're in the market for your next vehicle, the Mile of Cars is a must-visit spot in San Diego.

As you crawl along the Mile of Cars checking out the latest models, be sure to pull into Dream Machine. This veteran-owned dealership stands out for its incredible selection of pre-owned vehicles. The reasonable prices and friendly staff make buying your dream car a pleasant experience.

Dream Machine always has a wide array of makes and models to choose from. You'll find all the top brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet. But they also carry unique vintage finds and luxury vehicles you won't see elsewhere. Whether you're looking for an economy car, SUV, sports car, truck or anything in between, chances are you'll find it on the Dream Machine lot.

The team at Dream Machine works hard to make the car buying process straightforward. There's never any high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, their car specialists take the time to understand what you need and match you with the perfect ride. They even offer perks like extended test drives so you can fully experience the vehicle before committing.

After finding your ideal car at Dream Machine, you can take it out for an inaugural cruise along the Mile of Cars. Driving past the other dealerships in your shiny new ride feels like a victory lap! It's a great way to celebrate joining the awesome Dream Machine family.

So next time you're stuck in traffic crawling along the famous Mile of Cars, make sure to pull into Dream Machine. With their huge selection and welcoming staff, you're sure to drive off with a big smile and your dream machine!

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