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Don’t Buy a Car Without a Test Drive: Here’s Why It Matters
Car Buying Tips

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When shopping for a new or used car, the test drive is a crucial step that should never be skipped. Though it may be tempting to make a decision based on looks or reviews alone, taking a car out for a spin yourself provides key insights you just can’t get any other way.

Test driving enables you to truly experience how a car accelerates, steers, brakes, and handles bumps. You can assess visibility, seat comfort, interior cabin noise, and ease of controls. Trying out the infotainment system and evaluating special features gives you a feel for usability and function.

Pay attention to your gut reaction and how the car makes you feel – excited or overwhelmed? Comfortable or cramped? Test drives reveal deal-breaking flaws and can prevent buyer’s remorse once you own the vehicle.

Be sure to test drive models under different conditions too. Drive surface streets, highways, hills, and turns to simulate your regular commute and navigation needs. Night test drives let you gauge headlights and interior lighting. You might be surprised at what you like or dislike once behind the wheel.

While specs, reviews, and aesthetic appeal are important, it’s just as critical to personally test potential cars before finalizing your purchase. So don’t skip the test drive – it can make the difference between car buyer confidence or second-guessing your choice down the road.

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