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Don’t Drive Buzzed: Staying Safe This Holiday Season
Car Driving Tips

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The holiday season often involves festive spirits, but also leads to an increase in drunk driving accidents. If you’re out celebrating this year, follow these tips from Dream Machine in National City to avoid driving buzzed and get home safely:


Plan Ahead Before heading out, choose a sober designated driver who won’t drink. Also look into rideshares, taxis or public transportation near the location. Having a safe ride arranged prevents temptation later.


Pace Yourself While enjoying holiday cheer, stay aware of how much alcohol you’ve consumed. Aim for 1 drink per hour max and drink water in between. Eating before and during prevents alcohol from hitting too quickly.


Know Your Limits Everyone processes alcohol differently based on factors like weight, gender and experience. Learn your personal signs of impairment like slower reflexes or blurred vision. Once noticed, stop drinking right away.


Wait it Out After your last drink, wait at least 1 hour before getting behind the wheel. Use the time to drink water, eat, or do a fun activity while your body processes the alcohol. Set a phone alarm as a reminder.


Call for Help If you feel even slightly impaired, don’t drive yourself home. Call a sober friend or use a rideshare service, taxi or public transportation. If options are limited, call Dream Machine and we’ll give you a safe ride.


This holiday season, be smart and don’t drive buzzed. Taking precautions ensures the safety of you, passengers, and everyone on the road. Give us a call anytime if you need a safe ride - we’re here 24/7!

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