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Winter Driving in San Diego? Here's One Thing You MUST Check!
Car Maintenace

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At a local used car dealership, the experienced finance manager highlights a key aspect of winter car care in San Diego – checking the car battery. Although San Diego doesn't experience heavy snowfall, its winter still presents unique challenges for vehicles.

Why the Car Battery Needs Extra Attention During San Diego's Winter:

Temperature Fluctuations: Despite the mild climate, winter temperatures can be cooler and less consistent, impacting battery performance. A weak battery might work one day and fail the next.

Battery Age: Since car batteries typically last 3-5 years, it's wise to get them tested and possibly replaced as they age to avoid unexpected failures.

Corrosion Inspection: The winter humidity and coastal air can accelerate corrosion on battery terminals in San Diego, leading to poor connections and reduced performance. Regular inspections and cleanings are essential.

While winters in San Diego are not harsh, basic car maintenance is crucial for ensuring smooth operation, particularly for military personnel who depend on vehicle reliability.

The team at the dealership is always available to assist with any car-related concerns or needs.

Stay safe and enjoy your winter in San Diego!

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