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5 Things to Never Tell a Car Salesman If You Want the Best Deal
Car Buying

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Purchasing a car often requires tricky negotiations with salespeople to get the best possible price. While car dealers are skilled at extracting information from you to maximize profits, there are certain things you should never reveal if you want the upper hand to score the best deal. Use this car-buying advice to avoid pitfalls when bargaining.

  1. Your Maximum Budget

Keep your absolute maximum budget private information throughout the negotiation. Salespeople will simply try to meet your stated budget, instead of working to get you the lowest real market value. Always start significantly below your max budget to leave room for the inevitable back and forth.

  1. Your Trade-In Value

Thoroughly research the accurate value of your trade-in vehicle beforehand, using Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds. Don't rely on the dealer's assessment of your trade-in - they may significantly undervalue it to obscure additional profit built into the sale price of the new car. Know its true worth first.

  1. Financing Pre-Approval

If you already have financing pre-approved through your bank or lender, don't reveal that to the dealer. Otherwise, they lose incentive to arrange a competitive financing rate and may not go the extra mile to beat your pre-approved terms. Keep them working hard on your behalf.

  1. Timeline or Urgency

Never reveal how soon you need or want the new vehicle, or any other timeline constraints or urgency. Appearing overly eager or emotionally invested in leaving with a car on a certain date removes your bargaining power. Act like you have all the time and options in the world.

  1. Emotional Attachment

Don't reveal if you've already envisioned yourself owning a certain car on their lot or have fallen in love with specific model. Salespeople may leverage emotional commitment or excitement about features to extract more money from you since you're already picturing that new car in your garage!

Here at Dream Machine Dealership, our process is different. We believe in establishing trust and transparency first, leading to a great car and a great price without the usual haggling and gamesmanship. Reach out anytime to chat or stop by one of locations across San Diego County.

We're here to help get you the right car at the fairest price. No need to play "the game" here!

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